Russians threaten legal action over ‘slanderous claims’

by admin on January 29th, 2019

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“The federation believe the documentary was a provocation aimed at discrediting Russian sport,” Valentin Balakhnichev said in a statement on Friday.


“After watching the documentary we immediately began to doubt how authentic and believable the material they edited was.

We see this film … as a planned attempt to create an ugly scandal within Russian athletics and Russian sport in general.

“We are looking at all our options to defend our rights. If it is possible under Russian and German law we will take the appropriate legal action for the slanderous allegations made against us,” said Balakhnichev.

The hour-long German programme, broadcast by ZDF/ARD on Wednesday, featured an undercover video of what it said were Russian athletes and coaches admitting to covering up positive tests.

The video, which has not been seen or verified by Reuters, also alleges corruption and a systematic doping issue among Russian athletes and high-ranking officials.

“One hears claims by five people whose statements are hardly credible,” added Balakhnichev.

“Each of them had been exposed as a doping abuser and has personal reasons to have a dislike towards our athletes, coaches, athletes from other federations and the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA.

“The Russian Athletics Federation is committed to its fight against doping in sport and we will continue this process,” added Balakhnichev.

On Thursday, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) said they were “grave allegations” made by German TV.

“An investigation by the IAAF Ethics Commission is already ongoing with respect to some of the allegations,” added the IAAF.

RUSADA said on Friday it had launched an investigation into the allegations.

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